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I'm big on technical writing and developer advocacy. I regularly publish articles on DEV and Medium about things I learned or want to teach. This page is a curation of my articles published across platforms, you can search or sort them as needed and you can also reach me out suggesting a topic of your interest on my email.

Next.js for beginnersjavascriptreactbeginnersnextjs4 minute readPublished: Mon Apr 18 20223 Ways to declare variables in JavaScript: var, let, and const explainedjavascriptwebdevbeginnersreact2 minute readPublished: Mon Apr 11 2022The right way to use LocalStorage in JavaScriptjavascriptwebdevbeginnerstutorial4 minute readPublished: Mon Mar 28 2022What the heck is SSG: Static site generation explained with Next.jsjavascriptnextjsreactbeginners5 minute readPublished: Mon Mar 21 20223 worst things you can do in an interviewcareerwebdevdiscussbeginners3 minute readPublished: Tue Mar 15 2022Create your own URL shortener with Next.js and MongoDB in 10 Minutesjavascriptbeginnerswebdevnextjs4 minute readPublished: Mon Mar 14 20225 String methods every JavaScript developer should knowjavascriptbeginnerswebdevprogramming3 minute readPublished: Mon Mar 07 2022Memoization: the what, why and how?javascriptbeginnerswebdevprogramming3 minute readPublished: Mon Feb 28 20224 ways of finding elements in a JavaScript Arrayjavascriptbeginnerswebdevprogramming2 minute readPublished: Mon Feb 21 20223 Array methods every JavaScript developer should knowjavascriptbeginnerswebdevprogramming2 minute readPublished: Mon Feb 14 2022Creating a Read Progress Bar in React with TailwindCSSreactjavascriptwebdevbeginners2 minute readPublished: Wed Feb 09 2022Free Cron Jobs with Github Actionsgithubjavascriptwebdevbeginners4 minute readPublished: Mon Feb 07 2022Become persistent by keeping up with the streakbeginnersproductivitywritingmotivation2 minute readPublished: Tue Feb 01 2022Create a Live Twitter Profile Banner to show followers counterjavascriptbeginnerswebdevtutorial6 minute readPublished: Mon Jan 31 2022Automatically Tweet popular articles from DEVopensourceshowdevnextjsjavascript4 minute readPublished: Mon Jan 24 2022Which one is a better TLD for portfolio & blog?watercoolerdiscuss1 minute readPublished: Mon Jan 17 2022Write better code with these 5 JavaScript featuresjavascriptwebdevbeginnerstutorial5 minute readPublished: Mon Jan 17 2022Reaching first 100 followers on DEV šŸŽ‰šŸš€careerwritingproductivitybeginners2 minute readPublished: Sun Jan 16 2022Deal with Promises like a Pro šŸ˜Žjavascriptwebdevbeginnerstutorial6 minute readPublished: Mon Jan 10 2022Asynchronous loops in Javascript - using forEach, map, and for loopjavascripttypescriptwebdevprogramming3 minute readPublished: Mon Jan 03 2022