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Anshuman Bhardwaj

Anshuman Bhardwaj

I'm a creative Software Engineer with more than five years of experience in software development ranging from being an Engineering Manager to developing a Full Stack application on my own. I help companies create valuable software and reach business goals. Some examples of my contribution:

  • Spearheaded effort on Over-the-Air updates and connected fleet manager at Canoo, developing React and Next.js web application.
  • Delivering the “Pre-order” landing page section and payment integration for Canoo Pickup truck under a tight deadline.
  • Led the mobile app development as a Product Engineer at Delightree using React Native.
  • Designing and developing features for the mobile application using ReactNative, React-navigation, and Firebase, along with writing performant cloud functions for backend tasks as a Product owner at Jynx.

What so far?

I've worked with some great people around the world on projects such as next-generation electric vehicles and large scale eCommerce solution.


Indie hacking

Early morning I focus on my indie projects and try new technologies.

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I'm big on developer advocacy and part of the following programmes:

Auth0 AmbassadorLogRocketDraft.devJavaScript in PlainEnglish

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